Special Offers

Special Offers we provide.

Getting benefits each order is super easy with Hasten!

Look what we've got for you.

You just make orders, and we offer discounts that grow each time!



At the time of virtual staging order for your second project* in a month we offer a 5% discount

third - 10%, for 4th and more - 15%

*project of 3 images and more

We offer recreation of your floorplan to make it fancy and attractive. 


We've already explained the importance of floorplans here. And though the price is just $49, it looks much nicer. Have a look!


It's always pleasant to do good deeds, isn't it?


If your colleagues are referred to us from you, you will get a 10% discount for each person on your current or future order.

And your colleagues will also be thankful!